Weymouth Sailing and Sea School
Sailing Experiences & RYA training in one of the best sailing areas in the world.

Welcome to Weymouth Sailing

Whether you want to enjoy a sailing experience or tuition we are a friendly, professional team and will help you make the most of your time with us. We offer Sampler Sailing days, Sailing Experience days or weekends and you can book the boat for your own group of up to 8 people. You can also take the opportunity to have refresher days so you can enjoy your time on the water more and get ready for that next charter holiday.

We offer practical tuition on modern yachts, powerboats and motor cruisers. Alternatively we are pleased to be able to offer own boat tuition in any of these categories, as many people feel more at ease in the familiar environment of their own boat as well as the opportunity to really get to know it.

We also offer bespoke practical and theory development training along with refresher courses tailored to suit your needs and level of experience. Tell us what you need to learn/practice and we can help.

Whether you are new to sailing, want to experience the enjoyment of being on the water or want professional qualifications, we love to help make those dreams become a reality.

We are based in Weymouth on the Jurassic coast. This preferred training ground for our Olympic champions which can guarantee you an unforgettable sailing experience.